Lab Lease Supports Nova Scotia Business

first_imgCompanies that rely on environmental testing laboratories toprepare their products for export can still get those productsassessed in Nova Scotia. Economic Development Minister Ernest Fage announced today, Sept.17, that EADS Composites Atlantic of Lunenburg will lease theassets of InNOVAcorp’s Environmental Simulation Laboratory (ESL)in Woodside. Composites holds the option to buy the equipment atthe end of three years and renew the lease on the building. “This transaction will help small- and medium-sized businessesgrow and will help them export,” said Mr. Fage. “A private sectorpartner that has access to broad markets will also make ESL amore viable operation for the province.” ESL is a multi-purpose testing lab that recreates and controls avariety of extreme environmental conditions such as temperature,humidity, vibration and corrosion. Industry relies on this kindof testing to ensure that products will perform in their intendedenvironments. The agreement allows Composites Atlantic to enhance its servicesto the aerospace sector and increase sales. Composites Atlantic is a leader in the design and manufacture ofadvanced composites for aerospace, space and defence industries.The company, which is a subsidiary of the French aerospacecompany EADS, serves global markets and employs more than 170skilled workers. The National Research Council operated the lab in Woodside underan agreement with InNOVAcorp between 2001 and 2003. InNOVAcorpoperated the lab directly until 2001, when it divested itself ofapplied-development activities to focus on its goal of helpingearly-stage Nova Scotia technology companies commercialize theirproducts. InNOVAcorp undertook a North American search for apartner to keep the lab operating.last_img