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first_imgArizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett, left, signs autographs after NFL training camp football practice at Northern Arizona University, Friday, July 27, 2012, in Flagstaff, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) Get ready for Darnell Dockett, the uncensored version.The former Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle will officially announce his retirement Monday afternoon, and while it appears he’s hardly held back in his social media tactics as a current NFL player, it apparently isn’t the case. 😊……….— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) May 1, 2014McCarron and Dockett eventually made up following the previous awkward discussion.***As for the rest of Dockett’s antics, well, many could be deemed unsuitable for children. At this point, you might as well give the retired favorite of Cardinals fans a follow on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and beyond. I love @Oprah some of yall think its a joke but u can’t hide love and feelings! $he is my $oulmate please stop hating! Ill do anything 4 her— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) April 4, 2011 Top Stories — DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 2, 2014 Police said “do you mind if we look around in your Vehicle?” I said I sure DO! He said “I’m gonna call back up” I said u wanna use my phone?— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) June 27, 2011 Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Hold up!!!!!!! I think I’m gonna get kicked out!! For my comment saying “yall had this guy guilty no matter what” and my pizza is here!🍕— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 2, 2014Weird love affairsDarnell Dockett has a crush on Oprah Winfrey. He reminded us about it quite a few times over the past few years. This cop just ask me how tall R u & where R U from! I’m bout to ask him can I go across the street to POPEYS while we sitting here waiting!— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) June 27, 2011Mmhhh, Popeye’s. Anyway, Dockett didn’t get a ticket.Darnell suffers through jury dutyDockett’s best live-tweeting came in 2014 when he was summoned for jury duty.Despite doing everything in his power to be released, Dockett spent hours at a courthouse live-tweeting to the dismay of courthouse employees. Ok so now they asking everyone to cut the phone off. I have 2 phones and Twitter app on both. cool I’ll give up this android keeping iPhone— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 2, 2014 — DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) June 27, 2011 Heyy babe @Oprah . I got ur voicemail this morning ill call u in like 20min! Damn I miss u!— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) March 28, 2010 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact My pet tiger his name is “buddy” I’m gonna bring him to a practice in training camp atleast “one day” he’s handsome!— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) July 23, 2013center_img I was trying to buy him, “skeeter” but I couldn’t guy wouldn’t sell 😩😭. He would have been with me everywhere!😤— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) July 24, 2013The traffic stopDockett quickly secured his status as one of the best live-tweeters of personal events.In 2011, he was pulled over for allegedly speeding and refused to allow an officer to search his car. Apparently, Dockett won out in this game of chicken even though he was hungry for some. That’s what I’m trying to do.. RT @Tamieand: @ddockett lol keep tweeting they gonna send you home !!— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 2, 2014 Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling I just walked in to another court room . Look at this guy ball spot.. He should be getting judged too!! #guilty I’m bout to get back voicing my opinions on Twitter now I’m gonna retire so I can really say what I want! #nofilter— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) July 22, 2016Dockett just got on the SnapChat train, and there’s a good chance his outlandish posts and outspoken opinions will only increase as the 35-year-old moves beyond his playing days. But to remember what potential lies unlocked, we will first rehash the most memorable Dockett social media posts of the past.An animal loverThat VICE Sports went alligator shopping with Dockett in 2014 isn’t an outlier.The man loves rare and, usually, dangerous animals.Dockett infamously discussed his plan to bring a baby tiger to Cardinals practice. For reasons we can understand, he never did. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo They have no idea Im am double parked in a handicap spot out side this court house in a 450k car with a registered pistol. Who am I to judge— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 2, 2014 @Oprah I love you Bae.. No one will ever take your place. This is our song.😘— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 12, 2014There was also this very awkward crush on Katherine Webb, a former Miss Alabama who became famous when she was shown at the 2013 BCS National Championship game, where she was supporting her then-boyfriend and current husband, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. I don’t know if I’m sneaking on Twitter or just don’t want them to know I’m tweeting. Either way they are looking at me.👀 and Im like 🙇— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 2, 2014 0 Comments   Share   There R 3police cars and they are talking! I don’t see A search warrant they won’t see inside this escalade! I got all day hope they don’t! Anybody knows how long jury duty last ?— DARNELL DOCKETT (@ddockett) December 2, 2014last_img